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Handmade Souvenirs from Portugal.

Friends, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our website handmade-souvenirs.com, where you can choose and buy handmade Souvenirs from Portugal. The souvenirs that we offer you are a creative and individual project. Our products are created from natural, environmentally friendly materials. Collecting raw materials, preparing them for work and making a product is a long process, in which maximum effort, hard work and love for nature, creativity and people are invested. We work tirelessly to perfect our craftsmanship, which manifests itself in every product born in our studio. We present to your attention a selection of our works. We hope that our souvenirs from Portugal will pleasantly surprise you with their originality, quality and artistry. Our products are imbued with the warmth of the southern Portuguese sun and carry the energy of the Atlantic Ocean. Such a natural Portuguese souvenir will take its rightful place in your home, and will also be an excellent gift for your friends and family.

See what categories of souvenirs from Portugal we offer you:

Souvenirs with different images (based on Cork).

For the first category of our products, we use cork oak bark (cork) as the basis. It is a unique material of plant origin: lightweight, durable, waterproof, fireproof, elastic and highly insulating.

Portugal is the world of cork and the leader in the production of cork products. This country accounts for most of the world's cork bark production. The cork oak (Quercus suber) is the national tree of Portugal.

We present to you a large selection of our Souvenirs from Portugal, which depict the cities and beaches of the southern province of Portugal - Algarve. Also here you can find landscapes of the Mediterranean, gifts for lovers of hunting, fishing, birds and animals. We offer a wide variety of kitchen themes, souvenirs for lovers of Africa and Asia.More about the technology of working with cork oak bark.

Figures made from natural materials on cork

In this category of goods, we offer souvenirs from Portugal made from natural, environmentally friendly natural materials that we collect in the Algarve during walks: pine cones, seeds of plants and trees, nuts, roots. We use cork oak bark (cork) as the basis for our handmade souvenirs.

Souvenirs-magnets on a cork basis.

In this category you will find a large selection of souvenir-magnets created on pressed sheets made from cork oak chips, with the addition of sand from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean for decoration. Such a small souvenir from Portugal will become a full-fledged member of your collection of magnets, and will stand out for its individuality. Here everyone will find a souvenir to their liking: landscapes, animals, cities, images of hunting and fishing scenes, birds and animals, reproductions of famous artists.

Application and panels from seashells.

We recommend paying attention to this category of our work. Here you can choose and buy souvenirs from Portugal, created from natural seashells, with the addition of starfish, pebbles, algae, dry roots, decorative pearls, small fragments of cork. These are various applications and panels.

Each product is unique, created in one copy.More about shells and products from them

Souvenirs-figurines from seashells.

Already the shells themselves are uniquely beautiful, and therefore crafts made from this material always turn out to be funny and amazing. Our online store Handmade-souvenirs.com offers you original souvenirs from Portugal, created from seashells: various figurines of birds, animals, jewelry stands, napkin holders, candlesticks, business card holders and decorative waterfalls, as well as magnets.

Jewelry from seashills and natural materials.

We present you beautiful souvenirs from Portugal - pendants and earrings made from sea shells and natural materials. To create our natural jewelry, we select fancy-shaped shells with natural relief and ornaments. For the base of our pendants, we use flat seashells, cut and polished by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. We also use natural cork cord for jewelry.

Each product is unique, inimitable, made in one copy.

Painting and decoupage on stones and seashells.

We offer you extraordinary souvenirs from Portugal. These are hand-drawn and decoupage magnets and wall pendants made of natural stones and seashells. Handmade, drawings are made with acrylic paints with reusable varnish coating.

We also present works carried out using the technique "Decoupage" on heavy and light shells of different formats.

Polymer clay jewelry.

We recommend choosing and buying our jewelry made of polymer clay. Each item is sculpted by hand. We offer elegant looks that deserve your attention. A combination of various textures, shades of colors. We use techniques like Mokume Gane, styles Ethno, Boho, Steampunk. If you are interested in clay products, you can read more about it. Read more about this here.

VIP items.

In this category we present you unique products of a very large size. These are panels with appliqués from seashells, modular hand-drawn paintings on canvases, abstraction paintings with modeling elements. Take a look at our Large Souvenirs from Portugal. Maybe this is exactly what you would like to have as the main decor for your home?

Our gallery.

Souvenirs from Portugal (Africa, animals) based on cork

Souvenirs from Portugal (Hunting scenes, animals) on a cork base

Souvenirs from Portugal (Seascapes) on a cork base

Souvenirs from Portugal "Animals" (based on cork).

Souvenirs from Portugal based on cork.

Souvenirs from Portugal (figures from sea shells)

Souvenirs from Portugal (Products from seashells)

Souvenirs from Portugal (Crafts from seashells)

Souvenirs from Portugal "Funny little animals" (Seashells)

Souvenir from Portugal - jewelry made of sea shells.

Souvenirs from Portugal,made from sea shells

Souvenirs from Portugal (Polymer clay jewelry)

Souvenirs from Portugal based on cork "Africa and animals"

Souvenirs from Portugal based on cork "Animals and hunting"

Souvenirs from Portugal based on cork "Animals"

Souvenirs from Portugal based on cork "Kitchen theme"

Souvenirs from Portugal based on cork "Beaches of the Algarve"

Souvenirs from Portugal based on cork "Mediterranean landscapes"

Souvenirs from Portugal (cork based)

Souvenirs from Portugal "Kitchen theme" (based on cork)

Souvenirs from Portugal, made with sea shells

Souvenirs from Portugal (owls made from seashells)

Souvenirs from Portugal (Seashell Jewelry)

Souvenirs from Portugal (candlesticks, business card holders, organizers)

Souvenirs from Portugal (seashell dinosaurs)

Souvenirs from Portugal, made from sea shells

Souvenir from Portugal "Deer in the forest" (based on cork)

Souvenir from Portugal "Africa" (based on cork)

Buy handmade portuguese souvenir.

Are you looking for any unusual and original gifts for children, family members and close friends? For such an occasion, we suggest you buy handmade souvenirs from Portugal. Handmade designer gifts - what could be better? And if the exclusive present is made of natural, environmentally friendly material, it is doubly pleasant. It is very nice to please your family and friends with handmade products. Hand made products are of great value. Handmade gifts will be a pleasure for everyone. Original gifts are a great way to express your emotions, as well as demonstrate your non-standard approach to congratulations. The present you have chosen will tell the recipient without words about your attitude towards him. Such exclusive gifts will please everyone, without exception. The gift you have given is not just a sign of attention. This is a reminder of a joyful event and a warm attitude, respect for loved ones. That is why there is a desire to give something unusual to loved ones. It must be something special, which is not found in any regular store. Therefore, more and more people are paying attention to copyright and exclusive products.

Choose and buy unique souvenirs and original handmade gifts from Portugal in our online store handmade-souvenirs.com. We are engaged in the manufacture and sale of exclusive handmade souvenirs. Are you looking for unusual and modern gifts? Take a closer look, for sure with us you will find something truly extraordinary and suitable, such that it will bring pleasure from the donation process and will remain in the memory of the person being gifted for a long time! All products presented in our online store are original works of authorship and were made by hand, often in a single copy. These are stylish acceries, jewelry, bijouterie, interior decor and other exclusive items that you can buy for yourself or purchase as an extraordinary handmade gift for any occasion. Exclusivity and uniqueness have always been valued, so it is not surprising that handmade souvenirs are in such high demand. By purchasing such things, you can be sure of their originality, because they are not made in millions of production batches, but by the skillful hands of craftsmen and in very limited quantities. We want exclusive author's products filled with positive energy to give people special, positive emotions, joy and pleasure! Hand-crafted souvenirs and gifts from Portugal are a great choice for children, women and men alike. Almost all of our souvenirs are created from environmentally friendly materials, grown or collected in the southern region of Portugal - the Algarve.

Our advantages: more than 500 items, handmade, high quality, environmentally friendly materials, exclusive design, unique ideas, our own production.

A souvenir from Portugal is a great memory of a clean and cool ocean, warm golden sands. A souvenir from Portugal is an unforgettable memory of an attractive country with good-natured and hospitable people. A souvenir from Portugal is a fond memory of narrow picturesque streets leading straight to the ocean. Our souvenirs from Portugal are vivid memories of the southern region of the country - the Algarve.

On the edge of Europe, close to the African continent, in the south of Portugal, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, there is an amazing region - the Algarve. Its territory is very different from the rest of the country in nature, climate and atmosphere. This is a cozy holiday resort. The Algarve, surrounded on both sides by the Atlantic Ocean, is the ultimate dream for surfers and golfers. The attractions of the Algarve are scattered throughout the region. Magnificent nature, beautiful bays and high cliffs, sea caves and endless clean beaches with golden sand and azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Mysterious narrow streets of ancient cities, surprisingly attractive islets with fishing huts, marvelous lakes and reservoirs in the middle of fabulous hills. Unusual culture, atmosphere and friendly people. A souvenir from Portugal will be a good gift, as a memory of this amazing and wonderful country. Treat yourself and your loved ones with designer items and handmade gifts that give you a great mood!

Frequently asked Questions.

1. Why should I buy your particular souvenir? Why is it worth contacting you?

Because by contacting the online store Handmade-souvenirs.com, you can: 1. It is profitable to purchase handmade souvenirs from environmentally friendly materials. 2. Pick up original interior items. 3. Choose exclusive accewidth="800" height="450"ries in a nautical style.

We provide an opportunity to choose and buy unusual souvenirs and gifts from Portugal - handmade, often in a single copy. In our online store you will find something that will decorate your home, your life and personal space. We offer you original goods charged with positive energy and inspiration. The advantages of our souvenirs: more than 500 items, handmade, high quality, environmentally friendly materials, exclusive design, unique ideas, our own production.

2. Are you really 100% handmade?

Yes, and it's true. All work related to the creation of souvenirs is done by the hands of our specialists. Only 2 people work in our studio. Therefore, our products, like fingerprints, may be similar, but will never be the same. Each souvenir has its own original nature, one might even say the soul that the master put into it. This is the main advantage of handmade products - their uniqueness and exclusivity, in comparison with the "conveyor", factory and low-quality work, which has flooded the modern market in almost all directions.

3. What materials do you work with?

We mainly work with such noble materials as cork bark. It is the most environmentally friendly material available today. We purchase the material from trusted suppliers with whom we have been cooperating for many years. The second main material we use is seashells, which we mainly collect ourselves during our walks along the Atlantic coast. The materials collected and purchased by us undergo special processing, after which we proceed to create our products. Therefore, we can confidently guarantee the quality of our souvenirs.

4. How to pay for the selected item?

Payment is made through PayPal. PayPal is one of the most famous, trusted and preferred brands in the world. It is a popular payment system with over 400 million active customers and is used by 87.5% of online shoppers. Through PayPal, you can transfer money from account to account and pay for goods. Advantages: 1. Safe and secure. 2. Simple and convenient. 3. On any device anywhere in the world. 4. Favorable payment terms and transparent commissions. 5. Transactions are executed very quickly.

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